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Essex Energy helps to prevent lengthy power outages that can be inconvenient and even dangerous.

Fast Recovery is necessary

When a natural disaster actually occurs, the recovery crews should get to work immediately after the disaster is no longer a threat. The most critical time is often the first 24 to 48 hours.  Anything done within this time will change how well the overall restoration can go. The teams need plans so they can deploy quickly, get to work fast, and provide an effective response. Along with them are the restoration crews, people with special training and experience in disaster recovery and dangers. They are made up of highly qualified people who plan and prepare for any scenario. 

These crews are often essential to long-term recovery efforts, and there may be thousands of such teams working to get a large city back to pre-disaster order. Some sign contracts for their services with a time span and expiration date.

“We go where the wind blows!”

- Takesha Essex


When you hear the news of a disaster striking like a bad storm, a hurricane, or tornado, know that Essex Energy is in position to come to the rescue! Essex Energy is dedicated to power restoration and repairing of overhead power-lines, erect utility poles, string repair, ground electrical services, and other electrical needs.

Established in March of 2021, Essex Energy hit the road racing towards the storms to repair, restore, and revive communities in need. Since August, Essex Energy has joined numerous other energy companies traveling on the road to provide assistance. Our employees had the privilege to provide power restoration services during Hurricane Henri in New York, Hurricane IDA in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and to those within the Detroit Thomas Edison area.

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Superintendent / Foreman
  • FA / CPR Instructor Certification
  • Pole Top / Bucket Rescue Instructor Certification 
  • COSS (Certified Occupational Safety Specialist) Certification

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We hold the demands of energy restoration in high regard and work tirelessly to provide satisfaction.

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Essex Energy is Minority & Woman-Owned

Essex Energy is a minority-owned business that
provides customers with safe and reliable solutions in
all facets of infrastructure for utility construction.


Essex Energy provides power restoration, prevention, utility maintenance, installation, and natural disaster cleanup and repair. 

The Essex Energy team of skilled contractors are available 24/7 to repair and restore after a natural disaster. 

Essex Energy proudly partners with multiple power restoration companies expanding across multiple states. If you are are a subcontractor or are interested in subcontracting, please contact us.

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