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WE Go where the wind blows!

Essex Energy is a minority and women-owned business that provides customers with safe and reliable solutions in all facets of infrastructure for utility construction. With over 15 years of experience in distribution and maintenance for overhead, underground, and emergency storm restoration, we understand the changing landscape and the challenges of meeting customer demands. We hold those demands in high regard and work tirelessly to provide satisfaction.

When you hear the news of a disaster striking, like a bad storm, hurricane, or tornado, know that Essex Energy is in position to come to the rescue! Essex Energy is dedicated to power restoration and repairing of overhead power lines, erecting utility poles, ground electrical services, and addressing other electrical needs.    


Established in March of 2021, Essex Energy hit the road racing towards the storms to repair, restore, and revive communities in need. Essex Energy has joined numerous energy companies traveling on the road to provide assistance. Our linemen had the privilege to provide power restoration services during Hurricane Henri in New York, Hurricane Ida in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and to those within the Detroit Thomas Edison area.


Helping Families

Essex Energy helps families by employing certified and skillful employees who are passionate about serving others.

Helping Communities

Essex Energy empowers impoverished communities to restore the environment on a large scale.

Job Creation

Essex Energy has opened the door for jobs in the energy restoration field. We encourage you to explore this rewarding career path.

Working in the energy industry is not for everyone. It takes a fully invested worker who has the emotional, physical, and mental capacity to do the job well.  When you are not completely invested, mistakes can be made. Essex Energy has a passion for the power line construction industry.

Essex Energy has a broad skill set in the industry with over 15 years of experience. With so much at stake, you want to have a skilled worker who has a wide array of knowledge to be able to handle any given situation while dealing with a natural disaster. 

Essex Energy helps communities get back on their feet much faster and be a part of the solution. With safety procedures at the forefront of their minds, they are able to ensure a safe environment for all parties involved.  

Our mission

Dedicated workers
helping to rebuild, revive, and restore communities back to their normal lives, one storm at a time.

Our vision

Tackling natural disasters, line-by-line. That's the Essex Energy way!

Our values

Essex Energy effectively and diligently serves its country and communities in times of need.


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Meet the Owner

“Your energy is your greatest currency. Spend it wisely on things that have a lasting impact.”

Takesha has dedicated herself to her community, family, and friends. While Takesha had a full career as a Registered Nurse,  and later as a Family Nursing Practitioner, there was more on the horizon. In March of 2021, she expanded her passions into the entrepreneurial arena by launching Essex Energy.

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Owner / CEO

Takesha Essex


Planning starts with predicting disasters based on weather models and local geography. Essex Energy can generally predict which types of natural disasters are likely in a specific region from past events. Recording and studying this history informs what we should do later. Local safety programs are created for those specific emergencies and common impacts. 


One of the greatest challenges to the current grids is the weather. Extreme weather is particularly damaging for the power grid and for the country as a whole.