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Essex will be there when disaster strikes!

Essex Energy has a passion for the power line construction industry. After a natural disaster hits, Essex Energy helps to prevent lengthy power outages that can be inconvenient and even dangerous.

Power Restoration & Preventative Methods

When a major storm hits, widespread power outages are a given. Essex Energy works closely with local energy companies to help restore and educate communities when power outages occur.

Utility Maintenance, Installation, & Repair

Essex Energy maintains facility premises and equipment, while performing basic maintenance tasks such as cleaning assigned work areas, repairing equipment, and inspecting finished utility projects.

Natural Disaster Cleanup & Repair

Essex Energy provides onsite assistance for disaster restoration to help repair and rebuild what was destroyed during a natural disaster. We not only repair damaged areas, but will cleanup sites if needed.


When Critical Areas Need To Be Restored:

When natural disasters hit populated areas, a million or more customers might suffer power outages. Turning their lights back on is a critical job that every state and energy company must perform. Critical services need to be restored, lines must be checked and repaired, and there will be a lot of cleanup and maintenance to do. Forming action plans for various scenarios is incredibly important. 

When Natural Disaster Strikes:

Natural disasters can occur without warning, so publicly available plans are a must. The best plans focus on keeping everyone safe and reducing the harm from natural disasters to speed up restoration efforts. If everyone understands what to do during and after a disaster, up to and including for several days, they should be safer. By reducing the chaos of a disaster, everyone affected can be brought back onto the electrical grid faster. 

Professional Storm Chaser:

Planning starts with predicting disasters based on weather models and local geography. Essex Energy can generally predict which types of natural disasters are likely in a specific region from past events. Recording and studying this history informs what we should do later. Local safety programs are created for those specific emergencies and common impacts.



Essex Energy helps families by employing certified and skillful workers who are passionate about serving others. Our linemen had the privilege to provide power restoration services during Hurricane Henri in New York, Hurricane IDA in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and to those within the Detroit Thomas Edison area. 

Essex Energy creates and retains jobs for workers within the Saginaw Tri-Cities area and beyond. Have a passion for helping others and looking to apply? Fill out the form for more information.

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Essex Energy is Minority & Woman-Owned

Essex Energy is a minority and women-owned business that provides customers with safe and reliable solutions in
all facets of infrastructure for utility construction.